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B r e a t h e   d e e p ;   B e   f r e e . 

B r e a t h e   d e e p ;   B e   f r e e

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Dream Journal: 8/11/2012

Last night, I had a dream. It took place in my house, my bed, my kitchen, my living room.  Everything was current except for one thing. 

My relationship with ex-boyfriend.  We had gotten back together recently and it was like things had never changed.  We were in the happier part of our relationship and it was so nice to be comforted in his arms again.  For a brief moment, this was my reality and I cherished it.  

But then I woke up. I have not talked to him in three years, and I will probably never again. Some days Like today, I wonder if I tried to contact him again if things could change; he was my best friend after all. 

I’ll never know. 

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Hamartia: A Fatal Flaw

In Greek Literature, hamartia is defined as the fatal flaw that ultimately results in the protagonist’s downfall.

After this weekend, I think I found mine. 

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What you think about yourself is much more important than what others think of you.
Marcus Annaeus Seneca
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Dear 2011,

You were the best year I’ve ever had. 

For starters, January 1st, I was on a plane to the most beautiful country in the world. This was the very first picture I took.  I couldn't even tell you where this was though, somewhere 3 and a half hours in to the bus ride from Dublin to Cork.

My Beautiful UCC

I started going to school at this beauty, University College Cork.  Didn’t learn very much, but hey I got to be on this campus every day. 

  • Kissed the Blarney Stone
  • Saw the Cliffs of Moher
  • Found Doolin Pier, my new proclaimed favorite place
  • Had my first Guinness, Murphy’s, shot of whiskey and survived to tell the tale
  • Finished my first beer, ever
  • Met Jean who easily became one of my closest friend
  • Held a baby lamb
  • Was proposed to three times in one night
  • Paddy’s Day in Cork 
  • Had some of the most memorable nights of my life

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